Taking the all new Subaru Forester off-roading


While Subaru has enjoyed recent success over the last few years – 2015 observed their Canadian sales numbers almost triple the ones from 2005 – really interesting to look at why they’ve seen their popularity increase as it has in recent years.

It isn’t of their looks, that’s for sure; besides for the BRZ sports activities car, everything they build has this aura of butchness regarding it. The latest Outback wagon having its plastic material cladding, high ride elevation and chunky details appears unlike most anything on sale in Canada today, particularly if we’re talking about station wagons in particular, which tend to go to sleek European brands with sleek, luxurious design. The WRX STI car? With the loss of the Mitsubishi Lancer ET? after 2015, nothing comes close. And even the Mitsu was easier on the eyes.

Which offers to the facelifted 2017 Subaru Forester CUV the thing is here. Even with new details like LED car headlights, a redesigned grille and a multitude of00 more aerodynamic two-tone wheel choices, stuff like the Hyundai Tucson, Honda CR-V and even the recently redesigned Toyota RAV4cut a more stylish swathe through the mass-consumption small crossover landscape.

The theme continues inside. Yes, Subaru has made some great strides with the interior detail over the last several years, starting with the Heritage sedan. Better infotainment, a nod to a little more curves here, and a few more soft touch materials there are all welcome additions but We still wouldn’t say which what Subies are about.

Still, the Forester has made up another of all Subarus sold annually since 2014 (and to the time of writing for 2016, too), so people seem to be to be able to overlook the stylistic bugaboos.

2017 Subaru Forester almost eight
So what, then? Well, I had fashioned an eureka moment after i noticed that with that Musical legacy, Canadians could get an all-wheel-drive mid-size sedan for under 25 grand. That is huge. In a country that gets generally buried in snow for five months of the year, that peace of mind cannot be substituted. Which is ticket, and at any time since the ’80s, Subaru has ridden the 4WD wave to where it sits now.

Of course, AWD is great in a sedan, but for many, it’s an overall must in SUVs and crossovers like the Forester.

“(The Forester’s Symmetrical 4WD tech) is a distinguishing factor (for buyers), inch says Anton Pawczuk, overseer of product management and sales training at Subaru Canada. “A lot of men and women have cottages and in addition they always speak about that one snow storm, or that one road, or that one place they tried to go, but had trouble. “2017 Subaru Forester 8


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