The all new Subaru impreza

The 2016 Subaru Impreza at has greater cubic feet of around passenger space than most compact cars. The head seats offer lots of head- and legroom for the class, and they’re comfortable on long trips, yet some critics wish they offered greater side support to uphold you in place around cornering. Rear-seat legroom is about decent, nonetheless the seats themselves are particularly wide, giving you heaps of hip room.

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The Impreza sedan only has 12 cubic feet of trunk present, which is below average for the class. However, the hatchback has 22.5 cubic feet of space behind its tail seats and greater than 52 cubic feet with its back end seats folded. Hatchback models only cost $500 greater than sedan models, regardless of trim, making them a great value proposition. If you’re decidedly set on buying a sedan, nonetheless you desire more cargo space, both the Honda Civic and Nissan Sentra offer class-leading trunk capacity.

A large glovebox and sufficient bins throughout the cabin mean you’ll never work to find a place to stash your phone, wallet, or route map. As you may see on

Plain Design
The Impreza’s interior has a sturdy look, with tight fits between bank card panels and premium-feeling padding in the places where your hands and elbows rest. However, it isn’t specifically stylish, particularly compared with the upscale interiors in rivals like the Mazda3. Fir more info check out

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