2016 Subaru WRX STI

When I review a beautiful car, most of the time I gain it dropped off at an airport nearby a venue at which I will be helping to form a 24 Hours of Le Mans contend, and then I devote a few days driving it mid the bed and breakfast and the track, hauling weird gear and seeing what the racers at http://yourcarguyforlife.net/index.php/subaru-in-dayton-oh/ conceive of my latest ride.

Mere hours afterwards the car was discarded off, and before I got over to driving it, this happened. Denver gets all-or-nothing snow around the winter, constantly without most warning, and — as Rory Carroll points out — the hollow streets after a notable snowstorm seek the perfect conditions for everything useful about driving a car. I figured I’d greet a nice noteworthy empty parking lot and practice my snow hoonage, in proper WRX fashion. As seen at yourcarguyforlife.net

I grew up in California and had never driven on serious snow until I moved to Denver five years back, yet I learned right away that snow tires are magical furnishings when the reality becomes a winter &$^#@*# wonderland. Just to be on the stable side, I took a glare at the tires on the WRX in front of my house. Oh no, not gooey summer tires! Dunlop Sport Maxx RTs will grab the tarmac on the racetrack like a cat sensing an inevitable vet trip will dig its claws into shag carpeting, but these tires on ice are a scene for one of those LOL FAIL videos that Upper Peninsula drivers love so dearly. For more info visit http://yourcarguyforlife.net/index.php/subaru-in-centerville-oh/, or http://yourcarguyforlife.net/index.php/subaru-in-fairborn-oh/

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